My love is just a Reminder....

My love is just a Reminder....

My love is just a Reminder.….
………Find your centre

I hope that if you are feeling lost today, that this message is a reminder.
A reminder, that somebody is thinking of you, loving you, supporting you to remind you, of who you truly are.

You are a friggi'n miracle! You are worth this life! 💥💕😍

…..I love this song by Trevor Hall so much! “My love is just a reminder, find your center," as the lyrics say.

Yet it can be so much deeper. A reminder, on a daily base to connect to your centre, the centre of the universe, God, your practice, your children, spouse, dog, cat etc.
Whatever it is, that makes you feel like a human, a part of the bigger picture.

When we sometimes zoom into our ‘small’ lives, we can get lost in the hustle 'n bustle of daily life. Forgetting that we are here with purpose, direction and connection. Connection to life, nature, family, friends, work…all that is part of this beautiful creation.

This is my friend boxie, he's an amazing humanbeing and artist. And this picture of him, reminds me to BE and REMEMBER. (Check him out, he has an amazing project to help to world draw more and be creative. I love it!)

I am so thankful, to have humans around me that are on a path of discovering, enjoyment and spiritual development. Not in a judgmental way, but in the way of the HEART.

It is in this heart of our creator, that we can find each other, be with one another and learn how to love deeper, with more intent, and let go of the pain and trauma we all experience as humans living in this earthly realm.

What a journey it is, dear ones. I am so happy to be here with you.

If you feel like connecting deeper, finding more clarity on your path in this life.
I am here with 3 more events before I head to the USA for most of the year.

Come find me, so we can find eachother and just BE.

Sunday 16th of April: FREE Online Cacao Ceremony
Saturday 22nd of April: Earth day celebration, Ceremonial Concert with Band
( Children welcome! We just opened ticket sales for that)
Mo-Fri 1-5 of May: Sisterhood retreat; Find your soul mission

With love for our children, all children of the world.

I greet you.
It is for you, that we do what we do.
Thank you for helping me remembering who I am.

So much love,

Jennifer Ann